All About the QDC in 2 minutes

2020 Millennium Challenge: Customer Digitalization Strategy

What students will do:

  • In the first part, you will follow two online courses to prepare for the Global Group Work.
  • In a second part, you will work in teams of three QTEM students to analyze exclusive data and provide creative solutions and recommendations to real world problems.


Being a QTEM student means you fulfill all prerequisites to participate. You certainly do not need to be an analytical geek to succeed. Team members must have complementary skills (analytics, creativity, leadership, communication, …).

How will you be guided? The coaching

You will be closely coached by:

  • QTEM Alumni (from companies such as McKinsey)
  • Millennium bcp experts
  • Various academic and corporate experts

Your team

You will work in teams of maximum three QTEM students from different QTEM institutions. Teammates will be designated for you in order to create a complementary team.

Good luck!


During the QDC we put our technical knowledge to the test, but we needed our soft skills and trust in our teammates to create a finalist presentation. QDC is a huge and complex task, but also a way to enrich your technical knowledge. This counts now as a valuable experience.

Éva Mucsi, UvA

There is no shying away from it - expect a challenge as the QDC stays true to its name. However, if I had not signed up for it, I honestly would have missed out on all the development I had experienced over the course of those two months. The challenge both improved my data analytics skills and soft skills. Doing it remotely is one of its hallmarks and over those online meetings, I made some new friends while thoroughly enjoying the process of interacting with my coach who provided invaluable guidance throughout the journey.

Kashmeel Biserru, BI Norway

For me, QDC meant three things: deep and meaningful work, invaluable new relationships and an insightful first experience in professional international collaboration. QDC helped me become a better team player--and I made a great friend along the way!


Jérémi DeBlois-Beaucage, HEC Montréal


Congratulations to the 1st Place Team: Spaghetti Analytics! 

Coached by: Marco Ostillo (KPMG, Luiss alumnus)









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Giulia Longo

Luiss Guido Carli University

Loïk-Maël Nys

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

Erik Bartolucci

Luiss Guido Carli University

Marius Gramlich

Goethe University

Emma Declercq

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

Jan Petter Iversen

BI Norwegian Business School

Marco Ostillio

Luiss Guido Carli University

Patrice Le

HEC Lausanne


Jury Members

QDC 2020


QTEM Data Challenge (QDC)

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