All About the QDC in 2 minutes

2019 Solvay: People Analytics Challenge

Why should you enroll ?

  • To improve your analytic and transferable skills while doing a fun project
  • To experience working in a global environment with outstanding students
  • To grab a unique opportunity to show your capabilities to potential employers
  • To win great prizes

What will you do?

  • Work in teams of 3 QTEM students 
  • Analyze exclusive data
  • Provide creative solutions & recommendations to real world issues  

Your challenge

You will get a unique opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of a manager at Solvay Ltd.


Being a QTEM student means you fulfill all prerequisites to participate. You certainly do not need to be a geek.

How will you be guided? 

You will be closely coached by:

  • Solvay Ltd. company experts
  • Other experts from companies such as McKinsey
  • Professors from the QTEM network

Your team

You will work in teams of maximum 3 QTEM students with: 

  • At least 2 students enrolled in 2 different home institutions
  • At least 2 students being in 2 different countries at the time of the challenge

We will make sure your teammates are sufficiently like you as to get along and sufficiently different as to be complementary.



We had the chance to work in multicultural teams, develop new analytical and quantitative skills and learn by doing. It has been an extraordinarily valuable experience that crowned the end of my studies.

Luca Zamagni, Luiss

Having the opportunity to work with such rich data from a real company like Solvay was unique. It gave me the opportunity to put skills I’d learned in some of my classes into practice.

Lavinia Rubinacci, SBS-EM

Participating in the QDC was definitely the best way to wrap up my QTEM journey! An interesting challenge which allowed me to learn more while consolidating previous knowledge - and it allowed me to meet two very talented colleagues.

Catarina Martins, FEP-U.Porto


Congratulations to Talentics Consulting Co.! (Left to right): José Pastor (TUM), Lu Guo (BI), Catarina Martins (Porto)

Coached by: João Guimarães (Millennium bcp, FEP-U.Porto alumnus)



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Loïk-Maël Nys

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management


QTEM Data Challenge (QDC)

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