Selection procedure

How is my application evaluated?

The local jury at your home institution will take into account the following criteria:

  • Bachelor grades (with a special focus on quantitative courses)
  • Level of English
  • Professional experience
  • International experience
  • Extra-academic activities
  • Motivation 
  • GMAT (strongly recommended >650) (Test taken within the last 3 years) 

These Criteria will be assessed through the application form and possibly an interview.

Do I need to take language exams?

  • No. QTEM courses abroad are fully in English. Therefore, no language exam is required.
  • The knowledge and proficiency in English of QTEM candidates will be assessed by their home institution.

Could a GRE score replace a GMAT score?

Yes. But the score must be equivalent to the GMAT requirements, as determined through the official calculation system.

How to reach the 650 GMAT score?

  • Understanding the format, practicing sample questions, and reviewing one section at a time will ensure you arrive fully prepared on the day of your GMAT or GRE exam. The Graduate Management Admission Council® provides free test preparation software and preparation materials as well as suggestions about how to prepare for the exam. Start preparing at least a few months before the actual test date.
  • Additional information can be found on the GMAT FAQ:

If I am selected for QTEM, can I change my mind and get a “classic” Masters?

No. As soon, as your name is communicated to the central QTEaM Team, a destination is reserved for you based on your preferences.

The QTEM Offer

What’s the difference between QTEM and a quantitative Masters?

Access to an outstanding network:

  • Excellent Academic Partners (2 exchanges)
  • Multinational Corporate Partners
  • Carefully selected QTEM Participants
  • Global alumni network
  • A flexible program that offers the opportunity to develop quant skills in academic and professional settings

Is there a cost to participate in QTEM?

Access to QTEM requires no additional fees than local master fees, which makes QTEM extremely attractive. Participants are responsible for their travel and accommodation costs during their exchanges.

Who are the targeted QTEM Participants?

QTEM Applicants are outstanding academic bachelor degree holders (in management, business or economics). They are interested in further developing rigorous quantitative and analytical skills that are directly relevant to multinationals companies and/or international institutions. Moreover, QTEM Applicants acquire a robust international experience through two international exchanges and a company internship.

What opportunities are offered by joining QTEM?

The QTEM degree is an ideal preparation for a career in a multinational company or in an international institution as it offers the skills, the network and the reputation. Therefore, QTEM offers the best quantitative courses from top Schools of Economics and Management worldwide and access to an international network (Academic Partners, Corporate Partners and Participants/Alumni).

Academic Courses

Can I have access to the course listing?

The major information about the QTEM course modules is on Registered students have access to more detailed course information on the QTEM intranet.

Can I choose the courses in the modules?

Yes, you can choose the ones you want to follow amongst all the proposed courses of the QTEM module (unless otherwise specified by your home university).

How many courses do I have to take abroad?

A minimum of 22 ECTS of quantitative courses need to be completed, on average per QTEM exchange. There is no maximum number of courses.

Will I follow courses in a language different from English?

QTEM courses are offered in English. However, depending on where you do your exchange, you may be eligible to take classes in the local language.


Which rules apply to the QTEM internship?

  • It is an internship from our Corporate Partners’ network or any other Corporate contact at your initiative.
  • A final report is to be delivered to your QTEM Academic Coordinator.
  • The timing is at your discretion, as long as at least 2 months of internship are effectively completed, during or after your 2-year master, with at least 2 consecutive weeks.

How do I find an internship?

When you are accepted into QTEM you will be asked to register and create an online profile and CV. This enables Corporate Partners to view your online profile and also allows you to view the internship and job opportunities they have posted.

Can I complete the short term internship at different companies?

Yes, but each internship must contain at least two consecutive weeks.

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