All About the QDC in 2 minutes

2023 Spring Cartier: Dive into the Luxury Industry

What students will do

In the first part of the Global Business Analytics Challenge (‘GBAC’), you will follow two online trainings (Data Science + Data Presentation & Multicultural Teamwork) to prepare for the QTEM Data Challenge (‘QDC’).

In the second part of the GBAC – i.e., the QDC – you will work in teams of (approx.) three QTEM students leaded by a more experienced coach to analyze exclusive data and provide creative solutions and recommendations to real world problems.

Please observe that it is mandatory to complete the GBAC entirely in the same edition (i.e., under no circumstances it is possible to follow the trainings and get a grade in a different edition than the QDC).


Being a QTEM student means you fulfill all prerequisites to participate. You do not need to be an analytical geek to succeed, but you certainly need:

  • Strong motivation
  • Some entrepreneurial spirit
  • Good business mindset

Your QDC team

The QDC team is designated for you in order to create a unique and complementary blending of skills: analytics, creativity, leadership, communication, etc. At QTEM we strongly believe in the power of teamwork and cross-culturalism, so you will most likely end up with students from various backgrounds and locations: be ready to use all your skills in best possible way.


The two best teams of each edition, together with the two best teams of the other edition of the same Academic Year, will be:

  • selected as finalists for the QTC Final
  • receive a stipend for the QTEM Annual Event
  • compete QDC final to win one great prize.


And you…are you ready for the Challenge?

Questions? Doubts? You can always contact the QTEM Analytics Training Manager, Vittorio Maio (include as recipient both and


The GBAC was an incredible way to apply all the knowledge we acquired during our academic years. It also represented an exceptional challenge and opportunity to compete with other outstanding students from all over the globe. The limited time to complete the challenge was a great motivation to work hard while learning technical and soft skills.

Lina Amouzou, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

Sharing knowledge across the team is key. Investing some time in giving each other regular feedback and planning creative brainstorming sessions are very important.Trust and division of tasks within our team was integral to our team’s dynamics.

Arno Chappatte, HEC Lausanne

Synergy and communication were the key components to our team’s efficiency. In such a short period of time and regarding our busy schedules, the amount and quality of the final report has only been possible through the full commitment of each member to the team’s great results.

Edoardo Longo, Tilburg University

The brilliance of our teamwork at GBAC was the blend of our backgrounds, merging different perspectives into groundbreaking insights. The GBAC was a step on the ladder of learning, elevating our perspective and sharpening our skills.

Guilherme Paulino, FEP-U.Porto

The QDC was hands down one of the most interesting aspect of my QTEM degree as I got to learn many new skills - not just improving how I communicate and work with others, but also diving into more advanced quantitative skills. Honestly, I learned more from this challenge than any of my other classes or business activities while collaborating with talented and super friendly international students on a real-life complex problem. It's definitely an experience I'll always remember!

Loïc Ramoisiaux, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

Participating in the QDC has been an incredibly enriching experience. Having data analytics skills is absolutely crucial nowadays as data is the first source of wealth. The courses covered all the key topics in the data analytics field, ranging from advanced data analytics techniques and machine learning methodologies to data visualization and coding. The courses highly contributed to enriching my technical background. Furthermore, the machine learning courses are a great addition to the cursus, as we are currently experiencing the beginning of an era dominated by artificial intelligence.

The data challenge was a great experience as it involved working with real-world data from Cartier, providing valuable hands-on experience. Additionally, collaborating with three teammates from different European countries enriched the project by bringing diverse perspectives and promoting cross-cultural teamwork. Overall, the QDC was a fantastic experience that I would highly recommend to any student interested in having a solid analytical background. 

Nicolas Eon Duval, HEC Lausanne


QTEM Data Challenge (QDC)

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