I can hardly limit the benefit of my QTEM experience to a single professional challenge. When working in a fast-paced environment with multiple stakeholders, and while conducting time-pressed tasks, one certainly acknowledges the skills acquired during the QTEM program.

João Gomes

I continuously have to apply analytics to solve problems on the job. On my first project I had my own workstream and needed to build a complex model from scratch; luckily I got the training I needed during my QTEM master!

Heidi Van Dyck

QTEM focuses on two aspects which are, in my view, the most important to stand out in the current job market: a real international exposure and a toolbox of quantitative skills coupled with managerial competences. 

Laura M.

“QTEM gave me the means to spend a full year abroad, build on my strengths in analytics, and secure a job at a prominent corporate partner. I definitely recommend all economics and business students to join us in this exceptional network.”

Mathieu B.

"QTEM is a great opportunity. It offers you the possibility to have an international experience and acquire analytical skills from the best universities and apply what you have learned through an internship in the best companies. My main takeway, besides the quants, is the Network. I am now working in the public sector but I am still connected to brilliant people who are working in a great variety of domains. The continuous exchanges and interactions we have, has enabled us to remain to remain curious and fascinated by other disciplines than the one we are expert in and to gain expertise from our fellow alumni. This tissue of alumni is the core strength of the QTEM."

Timothy D.

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