Warwick Business School (WBS) is a world-class business school at the heart of the University of Warwick, offering Undergraduate, Masters, MBA and Doctoral programmes. As one of Europe’s leading global business schools, with a cosmopolitan outlook, they set out to lead the debate through transformative research, and develop inquisitive minds that will make a positive impact on society.

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Information for QTEM candidates

WBS Masters Giving Access to QTEM:

  • MSc Business Analytics
  • Msc Business with Accounting and Finance
  • MSc Business and Finance
  • MSc Finance
  • MSc Accounting and Finance
  • MSc Finance and Economics
  • MSc Mathematical Finance

Deadline for QTEM application: mid-January (application form open from mid-November) - exact dates will be advised by WBS.
The application form will be open from the end of November, and the deadline for submitting the application will be mid-January. 

GMAT Support: GMAT is not a requirement for admission to WBS programmes. As part of the formal application process to QTEM you will need to submit your GMAT score. A minimum GMAT score of 650 is required. We strongly encourage you to complete the GMAT assessment process before commencing your studies at Warwick as you will find you will have very little free time to do this once you start your Masters. During your GMAT test you should select both Warwick Business School (QTEM) and QTEM as two of your five schools to receive your GMAT official score report.

Contact person and more info

E-mail: QTEM@wbs.ac.uk
Website: https://www.wbs.ac.uk/courses/postgraduate/qtem/

Information for QTEM incoming students

Why do your exchange here?

The University of Warwick
The University of Warwick is a modern world-class campus-based university located at the heart of the United Kingdom, on the outskirts of Coventry – the UK’s City of Culture for 2021. The University’s location means that you will be well connected to the major towns and cities of the UK and will be able to enjoy the countryside of Warwickshire. There is a lot of information on the University’s main website which will tell you about the University, our campus and our thriving multicultural community.

As a campus-based university, you will have immediate access to a range of social, sporting and cultural opportunities to make your time at Warwick as enjoyable and as fulfilling as possible. Please explore our campus and what it can offer you during your studies.

Warwick Business School (WBS)
WBS is a large, dynamic and thriving triple accredited school at the University of Warwick and our vision is to be a leading University-based Business School. Our work is based on our drive to develop cutting-edge research, to provide a transformational learning experience and to work in partnership with policy and practice. WBS and its programmes continue to perform strongly in a diverse range of national and international rankings

Dates of Exchange: 

WBS Academic Programme Structure

WBS offers QTEM students the opportunity to undertake an academic term at 2 different points each year:

  • Spring Term:  January – April
      • 3 pathways available (Finance, Business, Analytics)
  • Summer Term:  April – June
      • 2 pathways available (Business, Analytics)

For each of the available pathways, the modules you will undertake are:

Finance Stream (Spring Term)

  • Alternative Investments
  • Behavioural Finance
  • Fixed Income and Credit Risk
  • Judgement and Decision Making

Business Stream (Spring Term)

  • Business Analysis and Valuation
  • Corporate Finance
  • Fundamentals of Economics Behaviour
  • Big Data Analysis

Analytics Stream (Spring Term)

  • Advanced Data Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics

Business Stream (Summer Term)

  • Forecasting for Decision Makers
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Business in Practice (double weighted)

Analytics Stream (Summer Term)

  • Discrete Event Simulation
  • Text Analytics
  • Business in Practice (double weighted)

Term Dates 2021/2022

Teaching will take place during the term dates below.  However, if you are undertaking modules in the Spring Term, you will be required to attend examinations in late April/early May

Spring Term:  Monday 10 January 2022 – Saturday 19 March 2022
Summer Term:  Monday 25 April 2022 – Saturday 2 July 2022

Information for incoming students is available here:https://www.wbs.ac.uk/courses/postgraduate/qtem/ 

For the Spring Term, modules are taught across the duration of the term, so you will be studying your modules simultaneously. We expect all students to arrive no later than Monday 10th January to be inducted and begin their studies, and students will be required to be on campus until at least Saturday 19th March to complete their teaching. It is then up to the student if they wish to stay in the UK until their exams in late April/early May, or to return home and come back.

For the Summer Term, the modules are block taught, which means each module is taught either across one or two weeks. This means you may have weeks during the term that you are not undertaking any face to face study. The total face to face study for the Summer Term will be four weeks. However, we will be running an induction for students in the week beginning Monday 25th April, and all students will need to be on campus until the end of the term for the Business in Practice module, so we would recommend that students are resident in the UK for the duration of the Summer Term. The Summer Term modules do not have exams.

Students will have the same overall workload (including face to face hours) in both terms; the teaching is simply spread differently.

Special rules for courses: The courses we offer will not have formal pre-requisite requirements, but our courses do assume some previous study in certain areas.  

Areas of specialisation: Pathways as above.

Dedicated local services and events: 

  • WBS CareersPlus – contact via careersplus@wbs.ac.uk
  • Welcome event will be organized for incoming QTEM students to introduce programme team and personal tutoring support.
  • If you need help securing somewhere to stay during your studies, Warwick Accommodation is on hand to help you. They offer a range of off-campus options. We would recommend staying south of the campus, in the towns of Kenilworth or Leamington Spa. Both have great bus links and plenty of lovely places for eating and drinking. 

Contact person and more info

E-mail: qtem@wbs.ac.uk
Website: https://www.wbs.ac.uk/courses/postgraduate/qtem/

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