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The Politecnico di Milano School of Management, established formally in 2003, groups together MIP (the Graduate School of Business founded in 1979) and DIG (the Department of Management Engineering), established in 1990, bringing together all research and education operations in the field of management. At Politecnico di Milano, this is an area of major importance, with our MSc in Management Engineering being taught since 1982. 

Portfolio and Areas of Interest

The School of Management delivers an end-to-end portfolio of services in research, education and high-level consultancy within the field of management, economics, and industrial engineering. The School offers academic and research education, including BSc, MSc – mostly pre-experience, the PhD Programmes, and post-graduate and post-experience education, including MBAs, Specialised Masters, Executive and Corporate Education, in order to respond to the requests of the corporate world.

The Heritage of Politecnico di Milano

Being part of the Politecnico di Milano influences the work of the School on many levels:

  • The School of Management focuses strongly on innovation, change and the strategic advantage of technologies used in business
  • It transfers the attention for scientific rationality and quantitative methods typical of the engineering mind-set to the area of management
  • It pursues interdisciplinarity in both research and education, by making use of the wide array of technical expertise within the sixteen different schools belonging to Politecnico di Milano
  • It leverages being part of one of the regional engines of the economy in Europe: Milan and the Northern-Italy ecosystem.
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Information for QTEM candidates

School of Management Masters giving access to QTEM:

  • Master of Science in Management Engineering
    Delivered in English, it provides a first year of basic training, followed by 9 possible specializations in order to customize the education according to the students’ preferences, attitudes and expectations.
  • Master in Business Analysis and Big Data (BABD)
    It is designed to train a new generation of data-savvy professionals to be able to manage complex business analytics problems across a variety of different industries and environments. It is an innovative programme based on a holistic educational experience, where theory and practice are fully interlaced through the continuous support of companies and international partners. Furthermore, being in constant relationship with the Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, the course is at the forefront of research on ICTs for big data analysis and management.

Deadline for QTEM application:

Management Engineer students can apply during their last year of Bachelor or their first year of Master of Science: the deadline for application is January 10th.

The deadline for application for BABD students is February 10th.



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Information for QTEM incoming students

Why do your exhange here? 

  1. Milan
    Milan is not only the capital of finance, but also the capital of design and fashion, the best hub for start-ups and the technical innovation centre. Today, Milan is also a serious contender for the title of extraordinary driving force of development and innovation. Here the ingrained manufacturing tradition is flanked by a culture of progress and experimentation, enterprise and production.
    It is a dynamic, cultural city at the forefront of modern Italy, where the most important events, shows and exhibitions take place.
    Moreover, design, nightlife, fashion, art and fun are some of the key ingredients that make Milan one of the world’s liveliest economic hubs.


  1. Quality and excellence of programmes
    Politecnico di Milano School of Management has always been known for the quality and excellence of its programmes. The most prestigious school accreditation associations worldwide endorse the outstanding quality of its portfolio: EQUIS, AMBA, EOOCS and ASFOR. Moreover, the School is ranked among the best business schools in the world by Financial Times, QS and Bloomberg Businessweek


  1. Top-notch research
    The School of Management has five Laboratories – involved in knowledge transfer activities,  more than thirty Observatories – on-going practice-oriented research projects that focus on hot topics selected in collaboration with partner organisations in the business and policy-making communities, and five Centres bringing together Faculty members according to their research interests.  This organisation brings great flexibility to our research work and stimulates multi-disciplinary research projects and collaboration.

Dates of exchange

  • First Term (Fall)
  • Second Term (Spring)

Program open to incoming students + special rules for course selection:

  • Master of Science in Management Engineering
  • Master in Business Analysis and Big Data (BABD)

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